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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Consider Subprime Loans; Solution of Bad credit History

Credit limits are shrinking and financers are not as open to lending as before, Subprime loan schemes are making a huge comeback with tight lending standards ruling the economy. Not only are finance pundits bringing these back as a virtuous move, it is sure to benefit health-related finances and retail sector. And these interest rates won’t haunt borrowers! Get yourself a better financing budget now.

If you have long struggled with those credits and can’t find a way to get rid of them, Subprime loan could be your hands-on solution. Ever thought of a smoother alternative to all those credit needs? For all those numbers that cannot be provided by your traditional financer, you can now seek help that assists customers and patients with strong financial solutions.

These Loans Benefit Both Parties

Don’t sacrifice your health just because you don’t trust your financer. Find a financing institution that gets you the kind of medical benefits you deserve and support you need. When you are looking for health finances, you want someone who can work in accordance with the way you settle your bills and keep records. This is what a Subprime loan does for you. With minimum efforts on your part, your work gets done as these loans take care of all the financial hassles you face. So you will have healthcare when you need even if you have been declined help from other providers.

Helping Retailers Achieve Their Dreams

The fact that lending financing options in the retail sector have significantly reduced in the last few years won’t affect your business now. You can now go for Fortiva subprime loan schemes that help your work more effectively. Once you have a financer helping you with this, they use updated features like automated funding and online applications that help you deal with loan process easily.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Why Retail Lending is Crucial For Your Business

The importance of retail lending from business point of view cannot be undermined. There are a number of factors that affect the growth of a business and retail lending is one of those. In this article we are going to be talking about why this is the case and why and how retail lending contributes towards boosting a business. The idea is to share insight and knowledge in order to understand the concept better and the nuances of it.

For people involved in the retail industry the term ‘retail lending’ is an everyday concept that is often used. For the common man though, the whole idea of retail lending can be a little unclear and confusing. Given that, before we get to the point of elaborating on why retail lending is an important factor for business growth, we need to start by explaining what retail lending actually is.

In simple words, retail lending refers to the practice of lending or loaning out money to individuals by banks and other credit institution for the purchase of consumer goods such as automobiles, home goods, homes and other such things. The loan that the institution gives out depends upon the credit rating of the individual.

Retail lending forms a big part of the lending activities of institutions especially banks simply because of the fact that the availability of credit and the number of products offered for retail lending have grown considerably in the last few years.

Talking about the importance of retail lending from business point of view, the relationship is quite evident and rather self-explanatory. In the times that we live and with the cost of living going up with each passing day, more and more people are looking towards outside help to maintain a standard of living. While on one side this has led to a considerable boost in the purchasing power of the common middle class individual, on the other hand it has also led to the increase in the importance of the role that retail lending playing in the overall growth in the consumer goods sector.

Keeping that in mind, it would not be incorrect to say that retail lending is in a lot of ways responsible for fostering economic activity and growth. There is a direct relation between the ability of people to buy and the growth of business. The more they purchase, the greater the profits and the bigger the boost to the business. And this purchasing ability is directly related to the existence of retail lending.

The loans that are given out in retail lending are secured, in saying so, that some sort of collateral is pledged for the duration of the loan. This is the back up that the lending institution has in case the individual is unable to pay back the loan in time or at all.

Retail lending is like a boon for individuals who are looking to purchase goods and have some sort of a back up but not the entire fund so to speak. It helps in creating a lifestyle for a person as well as generating business for an organization. This is a two fold objective and fulfilling on both levels.

To know more about Retail Financing you can visit

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Points to Consider while Applying for Patient Loans

Patient loans are a very convenient method to pay the hospital bills when unfortunately you or your near and dear ones fall prey to a grave ailment. In spite of being an easy option some points should be kept in mind to prevent running from pillar to post later on.

A good medical treatment is a luxury nowadays as the hefty hospital bills are enough to burn hole in one’s pockets. Patient loans are the next generation financial aids that are now being offered by corporates and financial firms to put a full stop to the patient sufferings and avail the best medical facilities in every circumstance. There are some points to keep a check on while opting for a patient loan, they are as follows:

Your credit score:

Credit score is basically the capacity of the person to repay the patient loans. It is a vital statistic that will let you know if you are eligible for the loan or not. Credit score is calculation is based on numerous factors like your income, your job status, designation etc. The higher the score more are your chances for getting a patient loan.

Desirable credit factors are:

  • No delayed disbursements or history of unpaid accounts.
  • Time-honored credit account
  • Several open accounts in a decent position
  • Very less utilization of the credit.

Undesirable credit factors are:
  • History of several payable accounts.
  • Extensive use of the credit.
  • Plentiful fresh requests for credit.

Interest rates:

Interest rates can be inversely proportional to your credit scores as a low credit score signifies lesser chance of loan repayment. Rate if interest for a patient loan may also vary from lender to lender. Confirm the interest rates so that you end up paying the lowest ones.

Corporate tie-ups:

The corporate linkups are also an imperative parameter to keep an eye on while considering applying for a patient loan. Your hospital or healthcare provider may have some   professional connections with loan providers that can offer you the best assistance and service customized according to the norms of your hospital.

Patient loans should be such that its repayment is convenient and does not lead you to a situation like from frying pan to fire. So it’s very essential to be on the ball with the options available today. To know more, you can also visit

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Retail Financing Shows Signs Of Growth

Retail financing is on the upswing and there is good reason for that. As more and more retailers are beginning to understand the positive effect that retail financing can have on the business, the implementation of the process and incorporation into sales strategy and process is on the rise.

For any retailer, retail financing comes a good effective solution to convert those consumers into sales who do not have the financial ability to buy things at one cash down payment. By giving them finance options that helps them to easily pay off the loan over a period of time, the consumer ends up getting the goods that he wants, when he wants them and the retailer ends up making a sale and driving profits.

As it is, because there is an interest charge on the credit amount the risk of the retailer is bare minimum and what that means is that since their bases are covered they are more than willing to encourage and participate in the process of retail lending.

Before a loan is approved the credit rating of the consumer is checked as well as a host of documents are verified so the chances of things going wrong and the money being lost are very low.

Retail lending has given a boost to the overall industry by facilitating the steady movement of goods as well as driving up profits. In the end it ends up being a happy party for one and all.

Have a retail business and looking for higher profits? Explore retail lending today and increase your customer base right away!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Do You Really Need a Furniture Loan?

If you are contemplating on overhauling your home or investing on a set of new or used furniture for giving it a different look a furniture loan may be a viable option to help you finance the high priced furniture items. Furniture pieces typically come in high price denominations and seem out of budget for many who cannot afford to pay the costs upfront. Paying with your credit card may seem to be a convenient option. But when it comes to weighing the disadvantages of purchasing via credit card you may find yourself landing with huge liability over your shoulders when you have to pay high interest rates. Contrary to credit cards furniture loans come with much lesser interest rates and can be sourced conveniently through your furniture dealer who may even offer you hundred percent financing without any down payment.

The positive side of furniture loans is that they are short term loans and hence your will not have to bear the burden for several years. Once you pay off the full loan amount at the end of a year or two you can also witness a rise in your credit score, a fact which especially helps those with bad credit scores. However, the downside with furniture loan is that since they are secured loans against those very furniture pieces you are purchasing, in case you fail to repay the loan within the stipulated date, the interest rate will increase or your assets seized. Yet, availing furniture lending is a much convenient alternative to taking personal loans with high interest rates or to go for a credit card purchase as reiterated above. With such a loan at your disposal, your dream home can well become a reality without exhausting your savings account or waiting for the day when you would have enough funds cached to buy the furniture of your choice.

Worried about your bad credit score affecting your chances of getting an approval for your furniture loan? With Fortiva Financial as your finance partner, you can augment your chances of approval and obtain the furniture that you wish to deck your home with.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Patient Financing - Best Way to Resolve Sudden Emergency Treatment

Whether you met with a severe accident or have a close relative who just suffered a heart attack, patient financing can prove to be your best financial and medical companion at such times of crisis. The costs of medical procedures are escalating and many individuals are rendered helpless in critical situations when they do not possess health insurance coverage to provide for the high expenses of such treatment. Healthcare providers and institutions too are compelled reluctantly to turn down their patients who arrive without having sufficient funds at their disposal to pay for the treatment. The result- several patients simply die or suffer lifelong due to non-availability of the right treatment at the opportune moment.

Patient loans are therefore designed in a way to cater to the emergency needs of patients who can opt for the same through the healthcare institutions itself if they find the costs are too much for them to bear. The medical institutions proffer the loan by partnering with financial institutions which design different patient financing programs for borrowers to choose according to their convenience. Since these loans do away with the rigorous credit checks that brick-and-mortar financial institutions and banks are liable to, they get approved in most cases thus coming as relief to patients. They can then pay the upfront medical expenses with the loan amount and opt for the treatment and repay the loan over time through convenient monthly installments, which do not pose such burden on their shoulder. This does away with any inconvenience faced when emergencies crop up without warning and takes away the stress of financing the huge medical bills. Thus, patient financing comes as a big relief in such times when emotional and physical sufferance of experiencing or seeing your dear ones undergo critical treatments is quite high.

When choosing a patient loan it is important to go for a reputed lending company who not only proffers you the loan during such exigencies but also ensures optimum services throughout your loan term. If you are in need of patient loan at any point of time, Fortiva Financial can be trusted partner to alleviate all your financial worries at those critical moments.

Friday, 13 June 2014

How to Take Care of Your Furniture

You opted for furniture financing to buy those delightful pieces of furniture to turn your hearth into your dream home a few years back. But through years, everyday wear and tear, your pets and children tend to make it drab robbing it of the glamour and shine which they bore when you first brought them home from the store. However, with little efforts and daily care you can keep them looking nice and tidy, while keeping heavy cleaning or splurging on professional cleaning services at bay.
To ensure you free your furniture of dust and accumulated dirt without maiming them dust the wooden furniture everyday or as frequently as you may deem necessary and stave from using harsh chemicals, which may damage the surface.

Upholstered furniture should be cleaned through vacuuming ensuring food particles and other stuffs are not accumulated inside the cracks and crevices.

If you notice grime or greasy oil from wooden furniture, clean them off with a natural sponge by soaking it in water and oil soap and gently rubbing off the grime and grease.

It is best to keep your furniture away from direct sunlight unless they are meant for outdoor patio purposes. In order to prevent the moisture from beverage bottles and glasses from leaving ring like marks or a heated pan or dish from maiming the wood finish it is worthwhile to use coasters and rivets when placing such sweating glasses and hot dishes. Similarly, tablecloths and mats can act as barrier to any kind of stains or spills.

Although you might tend to relax and throw your body on the cozy corner of the couch, that particular portion will soon start depicting signs of wear. To avoid this flip and swap cushions frequently and also ensuring reorganizing the upholstered pieces of furniture once or twice a year to accomplish uniformity. To add the final touch to your furniture and maintaining the asset which you bought with the furniture credit use polish or wax to lend your wooden furniture the original shimmer and shine.

Wish to endow your home with the furniture at the store that has tugged at your heartstrings? Fortiva Financial can help you realize your dream home through its easy and reliable furniture financing option.