Monday, 5 August 2013

How to Apply for Subprime Loan?

A subprime credit is often the only option present for those individuals who do not meet the criteria for prime rate loans because of their past credit history. These people are usually turned down by traditional credit lending agencies because of their lack of credit worthiness which gives a signal that such people may default of their debt payments later.

However, even defaulters deserve a second chance. But it is necessary to ensure that one follows a proper process while applying for a subprime loan. Given below are the steps for application:

  • Find out about various lenders in your area that offer such loans. Talk to them about the criteria and the rates and fees charged by them. On the basis of available information, choose a lender that you are most comfortable with.
  • Every lender would want some supporting documents that make your case for a loan approval strong. Gather documentation like income proof, monthly expenses etc. Bank statements that have details about your savings and money market accounts will be crucial.
  • Fill in the application form and sign all requisite paperwork to ensure that there is no delay from your end when the lender wants to pull the credit.
  • And finally, since it is a subprime loan; be prepared to provide for any additional documents, explanation, or verification that may be asked for by your lender. After all, they too would like to make sure that you are credit worthy and have the capability to repay the loan back. 

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