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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Points to Consider When Applying for Patient Loans

patient loans
Patient Loans
More and more people in America cannot avail medical care and benefits because of the overwhelming costs. But not anymore! A number of moneylenders and financial institutions offer patient loans, either directly or through healthcare providers, ensuring that the best medical care can be availed without burning a hole in pocket. These are some of the pointers that an applicant must consider while applying for loans-

Credit Score

The basic criterion for loans in US is the credit score of the applicant. Individuals must calculate their credit score through one or two dimensions to understand whether or not they can get loans solely on their score. For instance, if you have a low score, you should only look for lenders that offer second-look financing and patient credit for individuals with lower score. This will increase your probability of acceptance and ensure that you don’t have to run from pillar to post for the loan.

Rate of Interest

Rate of interest is higher for individuals who have a low credit score, primarily because they are considered risky by the lenders. Therefore, discuss rate of interest beforehand with a number of companies to ensure that you can choose the one that offers lowest possible rates.

Healthcare provider

It is recommended that you choose a healthcare provider who works as a partner with the financial company. A provider working with your moneylender will offer you better services. This enables the company to keep a track of your health developments and monitor, organize, report and record your billings.

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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Smart Tips For Subprime Credit Borrowers

With a few companies opting for proprietary credit scores and multiple risk-assessment systems, subprime borrowers can now get faster approval for their loans. But if you have availed a subprime loan, make sure that you follow these simple, smart tips to ensure that your overall credit score improves in the long-run.

Check your credit report
It’s simple! You must regularly check your credit report to understand and assess if your scores have increased or stabilized. Subprime lending indicates that you either have debt issues, bad credit or inconsistent repayment of loans. Therefore, ensure that such issues are tackled. Also, credit scores are prone to errors. So, checking them regularly can help you deal with any errors immediately.

Down payment

Want to improve your credit score? If you are a subprime credit borrower and you are purchasing an item, such as a vehicle or a property on your loan, make sure that you make a large down payment. This increases your chances of availing a subprime loan, improves your overall credit score because a large down payment indicates your willingness to repay and reliability. At the same time, it decreases lender’s risk and therefore, you can avail lower rate of interest.

Budget first, lender later

Before you go ahead and research about lenders, make sure that you plan your budget first. Get the idea of affordability and then start searching for a lender. This makes the credit purchase easier to manage.

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