Tuesday, 29 October 2013

How Much Does Your Credit Score Cost You?

Are you aware of the fact that not having a great credit score can be expensive? In case you are aware of it, do you know how much your score costs you? I could be a lot! A credit score can actually pose as a threat to a borrower’s already burnt pocket.

Basically a credit score is supposed to extract all the information in a credit report, using a formula to calculate a single number that indicates the credit worthiness of a borrower. People who have high credit scores actually pay lesser money for their vehicle loans as compared to people with low or poor credit scores.

The lender obtains a fast, accurate prediction of the risk involved in sanctioning the auto insurance or loan. On the basis of this thumb rule, good credit owners are generally rewarded for auto insurance.

But again difference between rates paid by a person with good credit points and another with excellent credit points is not much. So an excellent credit score does not have bulky rewards attached.

Experts always advise customers shopping for insurance to enter accurate information in order to get an accurate quote. Fake information does not entitle for credit information inclusion while calculating rate of interest. Hence a consumer must check for credit score while shopping. They should also apply for cards that are more likely to get approved. This helps to avoid rejections, credit history inquiries and thereby does not impact the credit score.


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