Tuesday, 26 November 2013

How To Apply For Retail Finance?

Retail financing is basically a payment solution through which retailers and merchants can offer customers a point of sale financial aid. Several stores across America as well as abroad use this strategy for augmented sales. The advantage of these finances is that they have flexible payment terms according to different retailer’s wishes. So customers pay back the loan through monthly installments with or without interest. Some retail finances allow customers to open an account while the financing application gets approved. Here are a few steps on how to apply for  retail finance in order to reap the benefits of goods and services from a store.

Retail finances are offered to customers either online or in-store. In case of online application, there is no paperwork involved and a customer needs to do the following:

  • Customers can select a specific type of finance option that is presented by the retailer to them. They click on the link in the email to get redirected to a credit application form.
  • The credit application form has a retailer branding and also incorporates a credit summary that displays all details to a customer. Customers fill up these forms and complete it with an e-signature.
  • After signing the credit agreement and submitting the application, the retail store returns an instant decision.

In-store retail financing involves e-signatures, a mutual pre-contract that is explained via videos or in person and also involve an instant credit decision. It is a highly efficient and ethical process that is in line with the legislation of an area. Customers can complete the credit application themselves after having a word with the finance officer or after going through all terms and conditions in detail. 

While online retail financing has no delays and a person can obtain instant approval, likewise in-store retail financing is private and fast. Both the options have easy steps and a buyer can easily apply for retail financing through these methods.


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