Friday, 13 June 2014

How to Take Care of Your Furniture

You opted for furniture financing to buy those delightful pieces of furniture to turn your hearth into your dream home a few years back. But through years, everyday wear and tear, your pets and children tend to make it drab robbing it of the glamour and shine which they bore when you first brought them home from the store. However, with little efforts and daily care you can keep them looking nice and tidy, while keeping heavy cleaning or splurging on professional cleaning services at bay.
To ensure you free your furniture of dust and accumulated dirt without maiming them dust the wooden furniture everyday or as frequently as you may deem necessary and stave from using harsh chemicals, which may damage the surface.

Upholstered furniture should be cleaned through vacuuming ensuring food particles and other stuffs are not accumulated inside the cracks and crevices.

If you notice grime or greasy oil from wooden furniture, clean them off with a natural sponge by soaking it in water and oil soap and gently rubbing off the grime and grease.

It is best to keep your furniture away from direct sunlight unless they are meant for outdoor patio purposes. In order to prevent the moisture from beverage bottles and glasses from leaving ring like marks or a heated pan or dish from maiming the wood finish it is worthwhile to use coasters and rivets when placing such sweating glasses and hot dishes. Similarly, tablecloths and mats can act as barrier to any kind of stains or spills.

Although you might tend to relax and throw your body on the cozy corner of the couch, that particular portion will soon start depicting signs of wear. To avoid this flip and swap cushions frequently and also ensuring reorganizing the upholstered pieces of furniture once or twice a year to accomplish uniformity. To add the final touch to your furniture and maintaining the asset which you bought with the furniture credit use polish or wax to lend your wooden furniture the original shimmer and shine.

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