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Monday, 27 January 2014

7 Tips for Getting Instant Medical Financing with Bad Credit

There are strict laws and rules that govern the medical loan requirement clauses today. Yet with the help of the following tips, one can access easy medical financing.

1. Several companies offer easy medical financing like Capital One, Citigroup and the CareCredit unit of General Electric. Other companies like UnitedHealthcare have special credit plans for their own insured members.

2. Having a word with the respective medical practitioner for proper guidance regarding which lending body to approach is advisable.

3. Low interest medical financing loans can be availed by patients if they guarantee to make the payments on time and close the loan on the provided schedule.

4. Patients must never redirect their medical bills to a credit card. Instead a long term medical financing must be opted.

5. Complying with the Terms of Reference (TOR) attached to the loan is a must. This is a mandatory legal requirement that makes the process fully transparent.

6. In case a borrower is unable to pay off a loan on time, he or she must offer legitimate causes for the default.

7. Last but not the least a patient can approach select online lenders who offer out bad credit loans. Such companies like Fortiva Financial are ever ready to extend help to high risk customers with their bad credit loans. This is because they cross check the credit score from more than one source. It is just that an applicant just has to protect the credit ratings as much as possible.

Without too much to worry, patients can easily afford a costly medical procedure. Hence taking help of the above medical financing options will let applicants with bad credit scores breathe a huge sigh of relief.

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Friday, 24 January 2014

Second Look Credit -Way To Credit Score Improvement

Credit score is a vital data that is used by loan companies across America to determine the creditworthiness of an applicant. People with sub-prime and mediocre credit scores generally get rejected by loan lending organizations. But this situation can be corrected by improving a credit score to avail second look financing. For this first of all a borrower must obtain a valid credit report and a score from a national credit bureau. The score must be a real FICO one; this can be obtained by conducting an online search for Transunion, Equifax or Experian. Secondly one must avoid getting lured by pre-approved" credit card offers for credit score decreases through it.      
Fortiva Second look Credit

Transferring balance from one credit card to another is unadvisable for this strategy gets you 0% interest on your balance for a period of time. Instead having long standing and established accounts with some balance provides a good overall picture to the credit bureaus. Similarly investing in assets such as a land or property is way better than living in a rented accommodation. Besides, married people who live at the same address for some time have a positive credit history.

One must try to pay off all the loans like one can refinance the cars, get rid of all new credit cards, design a monthly budget and stick to it. Thus one can be a little patient and wait for the credit scores to improve because with time things always get better. To make the process easy, one should keep paying their bills on time, restrict all credit card purchases to 30% of the balance available on it. Second look credit score after all this hard work will definitely be much better than the original FICO score.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

How to Get Best Deals on Furniture Finance?

Buying furniture is a big investment, especially when you’re suffering from bad credit. A possible solution to this would be getting your furniture financed. Though getting furniture finance is a battle in itself and to get the best deal you’ve to know a lot more than just having an idea about it. Here are some tips that’ll help you to getting the best deal on furniture finance:

Find a small, local furniture lender
Try to stay away from big stores for buying furniture. Firstly, they’ll not be interested to giving you lending options and secondly they’ll always have costly furniture that’ll increase the total finance amount. Small and local furniture vendors will definitely have less in terms of options but they’ll offer buyable options within the budget. 
Save as much as you can
Even with a bad credit, it’s important that you save as much as can for a down payment. Lenders are ready to give small loan amount to buyers who’ve a bad credit score. On the other had even with a good credit score, it’s always good to pay as much as you can.

Get familiar with your credit score
With no knowledge about your own credit score, it’s possible that any lender can fool you by charging higher rate of interest. Therefore, it’s good to know your credit history and present score in order to get the best rates.
Investigate about the lender
Check on anyone you are about to approach for furniture finance. Search online to know what present and past customers have to say about the lender. This will help you make an informed decision.

Following these tips will help you fetch the best deal and you can happily shop for your furniture.

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Tips to Get the Most Out Of Retail Finance

Retail finance has been there for some time and it has allowed many companies, retailers and merchants to make their products more affordable to their customers. Retail finance, is likely to boost the turnover, should it be used wisely. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of retail finance:

1) Pick up the best lender 
In order to have maximum benefits out of retail finance, the first and most important thing is too pick the best lender. Check lender’s market repo, history and customer feedback. Also make sure to compare various lenders to form a better picture.
2) Look for dealers with more options
Dealers have a number of options for providing retail finance to their customers. To strike a profitable deal, it’s best to have as many options as possible. More options will help in calculating the profitability and turnover through different ways.

3) Apply online 
Online retail financing is instant without any kind of delays. Customers are given finance options by the retailers and they are required to fill credit application form. Customers complete the form with an e-signature and they get an instant decision from the retailer. The whole process is easy and hassle-free which saves customers time and helps them in availing instant benefits.

4) Avoid the most common mistake
The most common mistake that usually people commit is to start thinking that the business would return millions of profits in a short span. Every business cycle takes time and therefore be patient and allow the business to grow.
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