Friday, 18 April 2014

5 Things That Won't Hurt Your Credit Score

Most people believe that issues such as overdraft or alimony can hurt their overall credit. But this is just a mere myth. Here we provide a list of five things that won’t hurt your credit.

Overdraft facility from your bank won’t really hurt your credit score, if you settle the payments on time. But if you don’t then your score will probably take a hit.

Most people believe that insurance premiums can hurt their credit score. But this is just a myth! Even though your insurance premiums are used for making decisions when it comes to credit lending, most companies don’t discuss or report your timely and untimely payments to the lender. A number of companies offer subprime loans even if you don’t make timely payments to insurance company.

Of course, income is one of the determining factors for credit lending, but it wouldn’t affect your score. Having a higher or lower salary doesn’t necessarily affect your score. However, it would influence the amount of loan you will receive later.

Child Support
 Alimony and child support isn’t going to affect your score unless a collection agency isn’t involved. Otherwise, your score can drop significantly.  Still, a number of companies offer subprime loans after assessing risk profile through certain credit calculators.

Interest Rate
Higher or lower rate of interest on your loans doesn’t affect your scoring. Instead, it is vice versa with score determining the rate of interest for your loan.

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