Wednesday, 26 March 2014

What is Subprime Credit?

Subprime credit refers to loans proffered to borrowers who do not belong to the “prime” status of lending that is whose past credit records depict some sort of delinquency in repayment of loans and therefore pose to be high-risk borrowers for lenders. Subprime loans come with higher interest rates which are taken as a sort of security by the lenders since they are taking high risks by lending to this category of people.

According to financial regulators subprime borrowers are those who show up FICO scores of 640 or below, have records of 2 or more repayment defaults in 30 days over a span of last 12 months or one 60-day faltering over 24 months and has 50 percent or more debt-to-income ratio. In addition, individuals who have had faced a charge of foreclosure or has struggled under bankruptcy in the past 24 to 60 months are also often considered subprime. The criteria for lending subprime credit vary from one financial institution to another since different organizations take into consideration varied aspects before giving out loans to those belonging to the subprime sector of credit lending. In most cases subprime credit is given looking into a steady, current income flow of the borrower, his existing debts and consequent income-to-debt ratio which determines how much additional burden he can take on his shoulders after paying off the present debts and other such factors.

If a borrower depicting poor credit score does get approval for a subprime loan, he or she can use it to the optimum to rectify the past financial delinquency and therefore improve the credit score through regular, timely repayments of the loan. If you are looking for subprime credit, Fortiva Financial can be your reliable finance partner with high approval rates and flexible repayment schemes for meeting your finance requirements without any hassle.

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